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released January 3, 2015

All music and lyrics by Santtu Pesonen
Produced by Santtu Pesonen
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Santtu Pesonen
Cover art by Santtu Pesonen

Santtu Pesonen proudly uses Remo Drum Heads, Pro-Mark Drumsticks, GHS Strings, Jim Dunlop Picks and Propellerhead Reason Essentials.

Thanks to the following people for their ongoing support: my parents, Riitta & Emmi Kokkonen, Joel Saarimäki, Petja Sillanpää, Ari & Marja Warsell




The Santtu Pesonen Project Joensuu, Finland

The Santtu Pesonen Project is a band project started by Santtu Pesonen in 2012 based out of Kontiolahti, Finland.

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Track Name: From Chaos
Hundred suns shining brighter
Broken worlds set afire
All my fears fading away
Setting out to find my way

Darkness that still binds me
Chaos unnerving me
Blindly my soul wanders
Resent finding order

Golden path, it beckons me
Walking on so fearlessly
Life’s worries buried inside
Feelings of riding calm tides

My eyes, now they open
Blockades of thought broken
I am finding my way
When the dawn breaks the day

Somewhere down this road
Sanctuary awaits me
I won’t stop until
My mind is cleared up again
Track Name: Path to Tranquility
I’d die to catch my breath
If only for a moment
To escape reality
To build up serenity

Walk the road to where
Peace awaits tired souls

I’ve heard about a place
Where burdens are lifted off
Where the edge of the water
Will clear your mind of chaos

I must find my way
Follow this golden path
Track Name: Carpe Diem
Seize the day
Live for the moment
By these words
I seek contentment

If only
It was easier
Fear holds me
In its grip, I’m here

I wish I could find a way
To break free of life’s dismay
But chaos keeps fighting back
Imprisoning me in this cold black

Escaping the forceful throes
Darkness struggling to keep hold
Searching for a place to rest
I’m losing my sanity too fast

I’ve escaped the pain
I’m seizing the day
Track Name: Uprising
Life is full of suffering
But through pain we learn
Every day is a new chance
To fix our mistakes

Sometimes we walk through Hell when
There’s no other way
But it merely strengthens us
So from the ashes of our past
We may rise again
Track Name: The Crystal Dawn
I have travelled far down this path
Am I reaching the end so soon?
I gaze upon skies red with wrath
The sunrise never looked so beautiful

Hundred suns brighter than ever
They shine upon seas blue with glee
A million stars calmly whisper
A thousand winds gently blow over me

Like crystals in the sky
The suns shine their white light
Silver linings appear
In the clouds black with fear

I’m too close to give up this time
Heart racing at a drastic rate
I would die to renew my life
The sky is beginning to bleed with pain

I see before my eyes
This journey’s close demise
One last step left to take
My sanity’s at stake

Chaos won’t hold me down now
I’ve come too far to get out
Taking one last look behind
I step through the gate of vines
Track Name: Seashores
Stretching out on the horizon
A great seashore beckons me dearly
Reaching out into the ocean
I kiss the waters vigilantly

Pain inside me faded away
I immerse in the caressing cold
No more held down by life’s great weight
I prevent darkness from taking hold

Free me of the chains of tire
Set these broken worlds afire
Let me enjoy freedom for now
Help me keep my body unbowed

Over the edge of the water
I hear the calming sounds of freedom
By the second they grow louder
This feeling will not last for too long

In time I shall have to return
But now is not the time to worry
Chaos waits behind every turn
But next time I’ll be prepared for it

As I emerge from the water
A gentle breeze blows all over me
I wish this could last forever
But darkness is coming back for me
Track Name: Reverie
I sit here on the rocks
Shadowed by a tree
Just waiting for chaos
To reclaim its fee

For these great moments to
Set their mark in time
Mistaken for a fool
To escape this life

Sometimes it’s for the best
To just clear your mind
Of the ties of darkness
That so tightly bind

In the sky setting down
The sun ends the day
The sky draws on its gown
Where streams of light play

The time is nearing now
For me to return
The night will show me how
To take a new turn